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Shetland Salmon

Shetland’s Finest Salmon:

Shetland, the industry leader in providing top quality fresh salmon, has the perfect conditions for lean fit fish. The salmon stay in peak condition thanks to the strong, fast tidal flow of the local waters encouraging the fish to swim constantly in the current resulting in a much firmer flesh. Furthermore, these currents maintain the cleanliness of the seabed and allow the salmon to grow both pure and naturally without the aid of antibiotics, chemicals or growth promoters.

Shetland's Finest can supply whole salmon and salmon fillets on a year-round basis. As a company we seek to work in conjunction with local farmers to ensure responsible rearing and environmentally-friendly processes.

History and Development:

Since the Scottish Aquaculture began in the 1980's, Shetland has been at the forefront of salmon production in terms of quality and price. Shetland has sought to have the most cutting-edge systems in place to ensure the smooth transfer of produce from the producers to the final customers. The creation of the Shetland Seafood Quality Control (SSQC) as an independent auditor of seafood companies has been of great benefit to the islands.

Shetland Seafood Quality Control:

The SSQC seeks to monitor the salmon right through its life journey to the final processed product. Each sector is governed by strict codes of practice concerning all stages of their operations. Animal welfare is very important to Shetland’s Finest and so we encourage the use of animal friendly procedures throughout our fish husbandry. Providing the fish with enough space to move around, causing as little stress as possible allows for much healthier salmon which is of a superior quality.


1. Eating salmon helps you with losing weight as it is a low calorie meal with very few saturated fats.
2. Salmon is rich in Omega 3, Vitamins A & D and Minerals including calcium which enable strong bone and teeth development, good eyesight, healthy skin and an effective immune system to fight against cancer.


Salmon is processed each day of the week ensuring the freshest possible product directly delivered to the customer. We provide a full range of salmon fillets including A Trim , B Trim, C Trim and D Trim all of which can be either scaled or skinned to a customers own specification.

Once processed the fillets are iced and packed into boxes ready for dispatch to the customer for the next day.

Freedom Foods:

One of the most respected animal welfare standards in the salmon industry is the RSPCA Freedom Foods. The standard encourages low impact on the marine environment around the farm as well as healthier fish. These standards cover all issues from how the animals are handled, slaughtered and then transported to their final destination. In providing the salmon with a comfortable and interesting environment with plenty of space to swim around reduces stress and gives them a much happier life. It is possible for the final consumer of the salmon to check the traceability from the shelf right back to the Freedom Food farm.

Organic Salmon:

Organic salmon is traced by the highest environmental standards in the aquaculture industry. In fact, the Soil Association, the main organic certifier, is raising its standards to ensure that any wild-caught fish used in farmed fish feed is minimised and sourced sustainably.
Aug 12, 2012
Shetland’s Finest Salmon enjoyed by Olympians
Well the Olympics may be over but perhaps you would be interested to know that Team GB had the pleasure of tucking into Shetland s Finest Smoked Salmon. Winning rowing and equestrian Olympians had the opportunity to savour Shetland s Finest Salmon which was smoked and supplied by...
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Mar 12, 2012
Landwise: Isles Lamb on Menu at Hot New Eatery
By Drew Ratter Shetland Times I was fascinated to be sent a restaurant review from The New York Times. It was very positive but at first I was not entirely clear why I had received it until half way down I discovered that one of the things eaten at this highly lauded eatery was Shetland lamb sourced from Shetland....
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Jan 16, 2012
Native Shetland Wool now registered under the EU Protected Designation of Origin scheme
Having first requested Protected Designation of Origin PDO status 6 years ago Native Shetland Wool has now secured this highly sought after accreditation from the EU. PDO enables Native Shetland Wool to be recognised by consumers as a premium product genuinely originating from the Shetland Islands. Native Shetland Wool...
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Dec 05, 2011
Silver Fleet
Shetland's Finest are delighted for Jamie Oliver and his events team who secured a partnership with Woods' Silver Fleet to provide truly sensational dishes on board their vessels including Woods' flagship vessel Silver Sturgeon on the Thames. As Jamie seeks to deliver menus which are globally inspired yet comprising the...
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